What is SMDG?

Specialty Manufacturers and Distributors Group (SMDG)
Organization and Objective

The ISR Specialty Manufacturers and Distributors Group (SMDG) was originally organized in the early 1980's to address problems with the process of race rules formulation.

The initial objective was to get input from key aftermarket companies to use in the formulation of race rules. International Snowmobile Racing sees the need for SMDG to participate in the decision-making process and implementation of snowmobile race rules. We encourage all SMDG companies to participate in creating rules that will enhance safety, provide a 'level playing field' and stimulate growth within the sport.

It is prudent for aftermarket companies to make informed decisions about participation in racing. SMDG provides the opportunity to participate at the decision making level and work with other companies toward mutual benefit.

However, race rules are not the only area of concern for an aftermarket snowmobile business. As a group, we concern ourselves with state and federal snowmobile regulations. ISR and SMDG companies monitor legislation throughout North America in order to keep informed about critical issues and to help head off potential problems. We also get involved in the big picture with ISR's continuing involvement in the International Snowmobile Congress through the American Council of Snowmobile Associations. Part of the income from SMDG goes to maintaining a racing presence within the structure of ACSA and the Congress. ISR also maintains a membership with the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Without these important organizations, snowmobiling and snowmobile racing would not survive.

SMDG is made up of snowmobile industry aftermarket member companies. The meetings are attended by the member companies, other invited guests and companies along with ISR representatives. An ISR representative provides support by recording minutes and compiling agenda. The two regularly scheduled physical meetings: September and March. Other essential functions and communication will be accomplished with email.

SMDG nominates and elects officials every two years at the September meeting. Officers serve for two years.

The officers include, but are not limited to: Chairman and Membership Director

The Chairman presides over the meetings. The Membership Director works with a designated ISR representative on membership and other projects. The current SMDG affiliation program encompasses the following:

  1. A complimentary Full page ad on the ISR's new web site.
  2. Eligibility to present proposed rules changes to SMDG for approval and forwarding to the Rules Committees.
  3. Eligibility to vote with the other members on race rules recommendations.
  4. Meetings held throughout the year to discuss important issues.
  5. Representation as a voting entity at the International Snowmobile Congress.
  6. The opportunity to attend ISR functions including race rules meetings.
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