10-01-14 - ISR Partners With United States Auto Club On Breakthrough New Insurance Protection For Affiliate and Members


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International Snowmobile Racing (ISR) announced a new partnership with the United States Auto Club, one of the leading motorsports sanctioning bodies in the US to provide ISR member tracks and racers with new enhanced industry leading insurance protection starting this fall.


USAC is currently the official sanctioning body of many of today's largest racing series, including Global Rallycross, Rally America, TORC Off Road Championship. Robby Gordon Stadium Trucks, Ultra 4 Racing and USAC's own suite of circle track series in Sprint and Midget racing.


The new partnership with USAC will now mean greater participant insurance protection for ISR members, with $50,000 Participant Accident insurance along with a $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy. This is compared to the normal $3000 and $5000 limits in years past . The new insurance protection will be in place for all ISR members who hold a valid competition license required for all riders and crew engaging in competition and hot pit activities.  ISR Competitors and Crew members can license for the 2014-2105 race season here:

Competitor and Crew Licensing:    http://usacracing.org

For member tracks, the new program offers significant savings compared to prior years. The General Liability limits remain an Affiliate option of $1, $2 and $5 Million in coverage depending on the event requirements.


The new savings and higher protection for the participants is the result of off-season benchmarking with other motorsports properties, result in separating the Affiliates required General Liability insurance from the ISR participants (riders and crew) where Participant Accident insurance is provided as a benefit through the new USAC / ISR Licensing Program, administered by USAC Racing. 

The new ISR program through USAC is the only authorized insurance provider for ISR affiliates events. Affiliates must be an approved ISR Affiliate Series to enjoy the tremendous new program and its benefits. Last year, ISR provided sanctioning for nearly all of snowmobile racing events throughout the United States, including drag racing, hillclimbs, cross country, rally, circle track and snocross.


The Benefits

The new direction for the snowmobiling sport offers not only enhanced benefits and protection for the racers, it also offers significant cost savings for race organizers, who have been challenged in recent years with the rising costs of required insurance to host a race event. In the past few years, these increasing costs have threatened the livelihood of several ISR Affiliate events. This new direction stabilizes the business model of snowmobile racing and assures   racers many years of snowmobile racing in our future.

Official ISR Insurance Administrator and Broker

In addition to the insurance coverage and pricing benefits we have also established a new relationship with a specialist motorsports insurance agency, broker and insurance carrier.  WSIB Insurance Agency will administer and underwrite the program in conjunction with the Shepherd Insurance Agency who will be providing service and certificate of insurance issuance for sanctioned events.

Chubb is the new insurance company for the program. All of these companies have years of motorsports expertise and will work effectively together to make this a seamless transition. This team is replacing K&K Insurance and the Frazier Insurance Agency.

ISR Competitor Instructions

Please obtain a valid USAC / ISR Competition License which is valid at ANY ISR affiliated event (snocross, circle track, hill climb, drag, cross country). Note you will only need one license for the snowmobile season (November 1, 2014 - October 30=1, 2015.

You can register for your competition license here and receive an Official USAC / ISR Competitor License Hard Card in the mail. Note this is required for all competitors, and also for all crew or family that will be in a "hot pit" designated area of the race venue.

Competitor and Crew Licensing:    http://usacracing.org


ISR Affiliate Instructions

As part of the application process to secure your insurance coverage please follow these steps:

 Complete your Affiliate Membership with ISR.


  2. Apply for Event General Liability Insurance 30 days prior to the event.  All sections must be completed on the form in order to ensure proper named insureds, additional insureds and certificate holders are provided.


    The on-line processing:      https://usacracing.webconnex.com/ISR


    3. Upon review of the questionnaire the Consolidated/Shepherd Agency will contact you with any additional questions.


    4. Once you have received confirmation that your questionnaire has been completed and your race course has met underwriting and ISR requirements a certificate of insurance will be issued to all required parties by the Shepherd Agency.






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